Today is momentous. I have decided what I want to be when I grow up! That wasn’t so hard was it?

I graduated almost nine months ago with a B.A in Interior Design and have had a less than successful stint finding a job in the field. This being the first time I have had to look for a career rather than a job, I have spent a good amount of time thinking and brainstorming what my dream job would look like. In the meantime, I have had a good amount of time on my hands and a craving for creative stimulation and productive outlets which has led me to the fascinating and addictive world of renovation and design blogs. My world has been changed…and my housework has been largely neglected. I find myself getting sucked in deeper and deeper, link after link, caught up in beautiful pictures, endless ideas, and inspiring ingenuity.  When I finally surface after an embarrassing amount of time, I feel like I am sparking with creative energy, ready to tear down walls and paint everything in sight. While some may find this dramatic, I think that perhaps it is an indication of a plausible career path. OK, well, “career” may be a big word but I think I might give this blogging thing a try. I promise not to ramble on about unrelated things as much as possible; my focus will be Interior Design, home decor, DIY make-over projects of thrifty finds, and spaces in our home.

Oh! I almost forgot… In the name of clarity I have decided I would like to be a blogging designer/renovator/DIYer. And to commemorate this momentous occasion I bought my first piece of beat up furniture today to redo for you guys! It is currently sitting smack in the middle of my front hall waiting for its “Before” photo shoot. Early next week I will give you some pictures and some of the ideas of what I was thinking for its transformation. I would love for you to weigh in!


Please post your thoughts!

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