Why a Blog?

The site is launched, I have a neat piece of furniture sitting now in the basement waiting for its make over, and my head is spinning with ideas and big plans. There is a lot to do to get this to where I want it to be. For instance, how do I get a big beautiful header that is so fabulous that it will suck you into being a life-long committed reader? I feel that this is something that is really needed on day two.

At this point all of you who are sane might begin to worry and question my sanity and have visions of burnout by week three; But, also, hopefully, visions of all the fabulous things this mildly psycho and slightly OCD young blogger might be able to pull  off? I invite you to cast your bets and bear with me as I figure out this blogging business. I promise pretty pictures will come!

But why a blog?

I enjoy writing, I enjoy talking about design, I enjoy connecting with people, I enjoy having creative projects on the go, and… I needed some extra motivation to actually make a reality all the projects I do in my head but sometimes don’t actualize in the material world. There is some honesty for you and a glimpse at my personality. I also cannot get enough of reading design and decorating blogs. I find the amount of creativity some of my favorite bloggers demonstrate to be so inspiring. I want to be just like them when I grow up!

So there you have it, Why a Blog. On track for this weekend is some photography! I hope to get some good shots to spruce up this space (hopefully a most fabulous banner!) and some before pictures of this furniture project I keep alluding to!

I hope you all have a great weekend.



Please post your thoughts!

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