The One that Started it all

My sister – in – law recently moved and found herself without a dining table. After looking around she decided that she wanted a rustic farm table with a matching bench on one side and mis-matched chairs around the other sides. Although mis-matched she wanted the chairs each to have red elements. She commissioned my brother to make her this gorgeous table

One day as I was walking through our local thrift store I found a single, plain old dining chair. I really wish I had a picture for you, I don’t know why I didn’t snap one. But if you can picture it, it was brown wood with a beige suede seat but… A light bulb went off!

So tired old dining chair became this …

I had a lot of fun with this project and it was really easy! excluding your drying times it is only about 4hrs of work revamp a chair. The hardest part of this project was narrowing down the choices! I was a little sad that I couldn’t use some of materials I wanted to (nail head trim, hemp twine) but I am glad I kept it simple because I think with that fabric it would   have gotten too busy. She has two other little chairs that she found that I have my eye on to try some other techniques on…no chair is safe from me anymore!

So there you have it, the project that inspired me to jump in with both feet and start this blog to chronicle my adventures!


Please post your thoughts!

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