Project 001: Record Cabinet Reveal

I have finally finished and photographed the record cabinet in all its new found glory! I am really happy with how it turned out. It really is incredible what a coat of paint can do. Last post I was talking about different ways to incorporate older furniture into your more modern home. One of  the most dramatic ways to do this is to simply paint it. It is really easy and cheap to do and it can make all the difference.

Lets look at the “Before”

so sad looking.

but after some TLC, wood filler to fix the top, and some paint…

tada! a fun TV console in our basement.

The paint colour is “Barn” by Martha Stewart it has quickly become my favorite shade of red. I am having a hard time restraining myself from painting just about all our furniture this colour.

I haven’t figured out the inner workings of the record player and tuner, but for now just I love the way it looks. I have zero clue how to even approach fixing the electronics but it can’t be that hard right? some key Google searches should get me started no? …?

The turntable actually comes out of the cabinet and I have it on top of the cabinet, a nod to its former function (and hopefully sometime in the near future again, I am hanging on strong to the illusion I can fix it)

There you have it, the record player: project001. I would love to hear your thoughts on the finished product and how you would have redone it. It is so versatile I know there are a thousand and one different options, I have already started to go down the “what if I had done…” road. No wonder my to do list never gets any smaller…


2 thoughts on “Project 001: Record Cabinet Reveal

  1. Thank you! it was a fun project. There are a lot of different types of record cabinets some could easily be retrofit into dining room hutches or little wine bar consoles…lots of options! if you redo one I would love to see it!

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