The Problem with paint

When we moved into our place, every room in the house was painted in one coat of patchy, flat, peachy beige. I don’t think I would have had such a strong negative reaction to it if, a) the paint job had been even mediocre rather than the worst ever. b) not every single room in the house minus the powder room and basement had been painted in it. c) if they had kept the paint on the walls and not dripped all over every other surface including the inner seal on the fridge door (I mean seriously, how does that even happen?!) but moving on d) if our floors, furniture, and natural light weren’t so dark e) … the list could go on but you get the point.

I am really attracted to spaces that have soft neutral walls that blend into a serene backdrop for understated and elegant, super expensive looking furniture that is modern but not austere while invoking warm sentimental feelings of home and relaxation…I know, I am so “design-y”


Dreamy. BUT snap to reality and confession time…

So regarding my problem with paint. I cannot seem for the life of me walk out of the store with a neutral. I always end up with some kind of crazy colour. Too many choices! As much as I love the neutral look I sort of feel like if I am going to put the work into painting then I would like some dramatic results. I guess I also feel the pressure a bit from the “Interior Designer” label that I should have a home that is a little different, a little more daring I really don’t want a boring home. That thought I know is completely self centered and self imposed but I did warn you I was confessing.

So I put all this work into painting and every single time. I. Hate. It.

Think its just the worst.


But then, after a few days, it starts to grow on me and after a week I start to really like it even. I still dream of a soothing, serenely neutral, perfectly fabulous house, preferably with water views. But I think I will save that for my grown up house :)

Actually in all honesty, I am loving our down to earth, pieced together, trial and error, DIYed, thrifted, begged borrowed and stolen home that reflects who we are and where we are in life. Down to earth, fun, and most of all…Lived In!

So if I can offer any advice and or consolation on this topic it is to go with your gut, do not worry about styles, trends, and other people’s opinions. If it doesn’t turn out the way you had thought it would, give it a few days to grow on you, you may surprise yourself by liking it! your gut may know you a bit better than you do!

All this being said, if its awful…go get more paint and forget it ever happened. No on needs to know that sometimes fabulous takes a few tries :)



Please post your thoughts!

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