Project 002: Kitchen Shelves

Happy Monday yet again! I cannot believe how fast the weeks go by.

This weekend I had a number of projects on the go some of them I got as far as I wanted to on and others well, not so much. I may have “accidentally” taken a nap when I meant to work on them. In my defense it was a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon and the sun was streaming onto my favorite spot on the couch and there was a blanket already in that spot, what’s a girl to do? I didn’t even stand the smallest chance! So parts of the next “Double Take” project are still on drop cloths in my living room waiting for me this afternoon.

BUT all is not lost, I was working on another project this week and that was painting the kitchen and making some open shelves.

I had been wanting to paint the kitchen for awhile. If you have read any of my earlier posts you may remember that when we moved in the whole house had been quickly painted by the previous owner in one coat of flat peach. I had done the rest of the main floor but the kitchen was still reveling in all its peachy glory. So Wednesday night Hubby and I are talking about how to try maximize the storage space in the kitchen because even though we have been here 9 months we still haven’t gotten it down quite right. I had started on some shelves and wanted to put them up but he suggested that we paint first, as in right then. Now this may not seem that strange for some of you but my Hubby isn’t all that into painting, particularly when its spontaneous and this was 4 in the afternoon on his day off. I was out the door in seconds. I didn’t particularly feel like painting but I wasn’t going to waste whatever this was that had come over my husband! Off to Home Depot and we chose Martha Stewart paint colour: Bamboo. A fresh pale green that is just a little bright on the eyes when it first went up on the walls! But enough words and time for some pictures.

This is the colour before. Livable but kind of “Blech”

This pictures shows one of the areas we have been trying to figure out what to do with. The original design of the kitchen was to be an eat in I assume which is why the counter stops almost 5ft. from the wall. We really wanted to recapture this for usable space since we do not use the kitchen to eat in. We do have tiny table just big enough for the both of us but we can fit both it and extra counter space and I am definitely hurting for a bit more counter space when I am trying to cook let alone when both of us are.

Although this is a Before picture I like how it shows the amount of morning sun we get. We love to eat breakfast here.

The one thing we had decided on that would make the kitchen more functional was installing open shelves in the space beside the cabinets. This was the only affordable option next to installing more cabinets. We aren’t at the stage where we can do any major renovations.

The goal is to make an island that is at counter height to match the shelves but for now just having the shelves has really freed up some much needed space in the cupboards. the colour on the walls has really brightened up the room and makes it feel much fresher and cleaner. The best part about these shelves is that they only cost $30!


Please post your thoughts!

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