Perusing the dream aisle

Hi, I am Rachel and I am a pretty pictures addict.

I like to think of it as research…

Ha! nice try. It started with Apartment Therapy. I stumbled upon it in school and spent hours during after lectures pouring over the never ending supply of fabulous homes. Then came more blogs and then, Pintrest. Game over. Hours gone.

A never ending supply of eye candy in every shade and hue from all over the world – Not to mention the crafts, fashion, hair, and recipes. It will suck you in.

The comment has come up a few times from different people at different times regarding any medium like Pintrest – decor magazines, blogs, websites, the list is endless – Is it really healthy to spend all this time looking at things you can’t have? how do you keep from becoming discontent?

Its a good question, it can be really easy to look between the glossy photo and the reality and wish for more but I don’t think that needs to be the thought process. I really think that these sites can be a great start to sparking your imagination and creativity. These sites were created to be inspiring, not disheartening. I find it inspiring when I am looking at photos of spaces that make me swoon a little, to try pinpoint what it is exactly that I like and use that as a jumping off point to imagining how I would implement those ideas in a real space.

Take a look at this bedroom:

It is clearly way out the range of a modest budget. But after looking at it for a bit you can start to pull out the elements that you could maybe replicate to get the look. Start by asking yourself what it is you like about it and start narrowing it down to the details. Is it the drapes around the bed? Is it the shades of grey used? the textures? the wood ceiling? As you start to notice the details you can start strategizing how you might apply them to your own situation.

You could,

  • Paint your wall a soft grey or cream
  • Install curtains around your bed
  • Install reclaimed wood on your ceiling, or paint the ceiling a darker shade than the walls
  • Frame some black and white photos in oversize black frames
  • Paint your bedside tables to mimic those in the picture
  • Find an area rug that suits, it doesn’t need to be as big as the one in the photo

Choosing to do any combination of these little things based on the details that most appeal to you, you may find that your dream room and your lived in room can be better friends than you thought!

I have come to really enjoy looking at beautiful photos and then challenging myself to come up with creative ways of making the elements work in real life. Its a bit of a game. My friends and family are no strangers to getting random pictures sent to them randomly with instructions on how to make it work in their home. I know. I’m and addict. I can’t help myself. In my defense, they actually like my ideas sometimes!

One last pretty picture to get us through this winter afternoon…


What are some details that appeal to you in the photo above? How would you incorporate them into your own space?

note: all the pictures in today’s post came from Pintrest.


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