Project 003: Butcher Block Drawers

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. I know I can’t be the only one who gets them.

The morning was up and out to do a bunch of errands and then a lunch appointment which would usually lead into a productive afternoon for me, once I get moving I don’t tend to slow down too soon but, I got home and…brick wall.

It was so miserable outside. We have been having an incredibly mild winter for Ottawa, Canada, so I shouldn’t complain but…I am going to, just for one second… it was so grey out! and it was rainy and the snow has melted enough that there is an odd mix of big snow ice banks everywhere but also giant puddles. The snow is no longer white but a dirty grey or black because our condo has something against salt so they are flinging fine gravel everywhere. Yeck. De-Press-Ing!

Anyways, inside the house I was loosing my mind a little bit. Since starting this blog I have been a little less than diligent with my housework and it was reeeaally beginning to show. I tried to start cleaning but really I was just walking from room to room in a circuit grumbling about how disastrous it all was until Mr. LR pretty literally tossed me outside and made me go for a walk.

After stomping around the block a few times I was doing a little better mentally and was ready to tackle our pigsty house and the finishing details on the latest project.

So with no more delays regarding my mini meltdowns (which is pretty par-for-the-course for most Canadians in February, in case you were wondering)..

Have I mentioned that our kitchen has some odd spots where you would think there would be some cabinetry but there isn’t so much? This is one of those spots.

I found this little set of drawers a few weeks ago thinking it might be good in the spot if it after a little updating. It looks old but it is actually pretty a new, solid set of IKEA drawers with working hardware and not too many dents or scratches. It was looking just a little dreary however, and there was way too much wood tone going on for my liking. The feet were a little less than desirable as well; cheap, black, plastic, and one broke off getting into my car. Lame.

I started by taking drawers out and the butcher block off. Once I had scrubbed it down I decided paint the drawers white and sand and stain the butcher block a dark walnut since it too was looking little tired and worn.

Yup, I was painting in our living room. I probably shouldn’t have since paint leeks through drop cloths when dripped, but it is where the afternoon sun is (when it’s not grey) and we have already established that Rachel doesn’t do so well when not in the sun.

I had some issues putting the new feet on. I picked up a set of those satin nickel ones they sell at IKEA (they were $20) and tried to screw them straight into the melamine. Not easy. I guess common practice is to whip out the drill, but, since we have been in the confessing mood these past few days, I will put it out there that I don’t have a drill.

WHAT??!!! and you call your self a DIY blogger!

Well…I never said I was legit…I actually only have a fews screw drivers and a hammer that is falling apart to be perfectly honest. The  sander I have sander I have used on every project to date I borrowed from my Dad and he wants it back so I’ve got to work fast this week!

But, it turns out that sometimes all you need is a hammer!

Perhaps a bit of a hack job, but it worked and you can’t see the bottom when the unit is upright! (all those other holes are from the weird little plastic feet they had on it before)

So all this hard work translated into this handsome fellow:

Much better.

I apologize for the picture quality, have I mentioned its been really grey here the last few days?

I have to still put the protective clear coats on, most importantly a food safe coat on the top, but when that is done I think I am going to list this guy on Kijiji so I can buy me some  tools!

One last “artsy” shot…

Photo editing programs are fun.

Wishing you all a Sunny Thursday!

– rachel


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