Creating Concept Boards

For any of you who have gone to school for decorating or design or have even had a decorator or designer do some work for you, you are probably familiar with Concept boards, Finishes board,or Mood boards (all the same thing.)

In school, the finishes were usually something you had been thinking about as you worked out the floor plan but the Finishes board was usually the very last thing you remembered you had to do at 6am when project was due at 9am. Panic. You are sleep deprived, cruising Google images and “ctrl C-ing” the first decent images you can find into photoshop while praying you can beat all your classmates to the print shop. Not ideal. Finishes are supposed to be the fun part and putting together concept or finish images can  be fun and easy too and, bonus, you don’t need to know Photoshop!

I was introduced to this website about a year ago and have had a lot of fun fooling around on their site. Basically, they have a library of all sorts of furniture, lighting, decorations, and even fabrics, organized by category, that you can browse and drag onto a blank canvas to quickly and painlessly create your own concept boards. You can save your boards, export jpegs of them, and make as many as you want and its all free! You do not even need to download anything. Even more fun, you can browse through tons of other boards that others in the Olioboard community have made. There are some pretty spectacular ones.

This was one made by sanasontag, one of the community members for a contest hosted by Oliboard, titled “Hollywood Glamour Days”

You can create boards on a blank page to collect ideas for a room you want to do, like this one I started to show my husband my idea for our basement, aka his mancave:

In the program if you click on one of the images on your board it will tell you where the product comes from and how much it is. I really like that even if you do not get the same products you can still have a good idea and can give others who may not be able to visualize as clearly, what the space will look like.

Another feature that is really fun is that you can start out with a set, which is an image of an empty room or background that you can then virtually decorate yourself. I will warn you however, if you are artistically inclined and sensitive to things not being in perfect perspective, it may drive you a little nuts!

Check out this example

This was done by ifafra, she won the “Fire Mantle Design” contest.

If you have time this weekend you should try it out! It is a fun, creative way to help you start putting to paper some of the ideas you have floating in your head for areas in your home, or to experiment with a style that you would never actually do in real life but enjoy playing with. There are no limits and no rules!

If you do make a board I would love to see it. If I get a few I will feature them in a follow up post.

Happy board making & have a great weekend!

– rachel

Note: Olioboard did not pay me or ask me to write this post. These are purely my thoughts and opinions about the site.


Please post your thoughts!

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