Guest Room Inspiration

We have guests coming to stay with us in March. When they spoke to us a couple weeks ago it seemed like it was waaaaaay in the future but I realized yesterday that they are coming in three weeks! The guest room has a bit of a neglected feel to it right now so I would like to spruce her up before they arrive so that they will want to come back and visit again!

Three weeks feels like plenty of time except that I am having a hard time narrowing down the colour palette I would like to go with. There are a few  things to keep in mind:

  • The room is fairly dark despite the morning sun
  • One wall is 90% white sliding, cupboard doors
  • Those sliding doors are incredibly difficult to open and close and cannot be easily fixed
  • There is no overhead light
  • It is the biggest room so we may want to make it our master bedroom in the near future (so I’d better really like it!)

At the very least I have narrowed it down to three colour palettes:

Soothing Grey


Custom Millwork contemporary bedroom

Navy blue






How is a girl to decide? They are all gorgeous. One thing I did start to notice as I picked through all the images trying to decide my two favorite from every category, was that some of the colours and elements I liked from the photos were repeated in each photo (like the crisp white bedding) and others can be blended together (Grey, blue, and linen.) I am starting to visualize perhaps grey walls with navy, white, and linen colour bedding? fairly light and almost monochromatic, great for a dark room.  Or maybe, since I am having a hard time giving up the idea of the drama a dark colour adds, a navy or charcoal feature wall, a coordinating neutral on the other walls and white bedding with linen accents and a pop of some bright colour? I think we are getting closer.

Another thing to keep in mind, is (rain on my parade) budget…my budget allows for paint and…..that is about it. Zero dollar Limited budgets are a reality for most of us I think, but in some of these pictures it is all the accessories that offset the wall colour and pull the room together which is a tough realization because accessories push the cost up exponentially. I also find it tough to justify spending money on accessories but I almost equally find it as tough not spending money on them because its my favorite part. However, just because I plan on using paint as my primary makeover agent doesn’t mean I won’t have accessories. No Siree. As I am thinking of my paint colours I am also doing a mental inventory of things around the house that I can re-purpose to accessorize the room. Inspiration and decor can come from some unexpected sources!

How about you? have you been trying to narrow down a colour scheme for a room in your place? what is your favorite source for accessories? Do you get a thrill shopping around your house to re-purpose decor?


3 thoughts on “Guest Room Inspiration

  1. I like the grey walls! Definitely not the navy blue walls – too dark.
    I’m usually very nervous when it comes to picking out paint colours for walls. That’s why I rely on designer friends like you for advice! Haha! ;)

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