The results are in

Alrighty, it is pretty unanimous – there is potential with the doily but its not quite right with the stools.

I completely agree. I am ditching the whole concept for now although I am sure doilies will reappear in some other capacity along the line.

Take two for these stools has been inspired by this photo:


I’d like to try to transfer news print onto the wood. No Mod Podge, essentially you soak newspaper in rubbing alcohol and then rub it onto your nails and the print transfers. I have not tried it yet and as far as I know, no one has tried it onto wood, so this may be another failed attempt. If that is the case we are going to do the good old Martha Stewart: Barn Red, latex paint, route and toss these troublesome twins on Kijiji as fast as we can.

I have my weekend work cut out for me!

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I will have a pretty product and a neat little tutorial for you next week!


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