Guest Room Reveal

I think I “worded” you all to death yesterday so mostly pictures today!

A little taste of the pretty but before moving…here are some Before pictures:

You get the idea now back to pretty!!

Much better! You will remember that I wanted to try do this for as little as possible, as in, buy paint and find the rest of the stuff from around the house. So that is what I did! the only thing I cheated on were pillows, those are from our living room and I want them back. I am going to watch for pillows to go o sale (maybe even some pretty yellow and blue throw pillows too!) until then, if we have guest before hand, we have extra sleeping pillows on our bed that we can do without for a night or two.

The “throw” at the end of the bed is a scarf we had. The colour, pattern, and texture were right so it ended up on the bed. Scarves and table runners can be great ways to add layers  without being bulky like a blanket. unless you need the extra warmth, look around and see what other alternatives you may already have.

The curtains are actually a table cloth I had that I hadn’t used yet. I bought the clips from IKEA that allow you to hang fabric as a curtain. The yellow chest was a random thrift store find ($8!) and it got stolen from his spot in the entry for the room due to his lovely yellow shade. The architectural medallion I also found at a thrift store a few months ago and it had been hanging out in our living room but I didn’t really like it there. I love how it is now featured hanging on the wall. I am going to keep my eyes open for some more and maybe work towards a gallery like this one:

Source: via Rachel {thelivedinroom} on Pinterest

The chest in the corner was my grandparents. That chest was issued to my grandfather when he was in the Dutch army. When they emigrated from Holland to Canada, the chest came via ship and actually still has their first address in Edmonton painted on the top. Its old and beat up but I love the history it has.

Finally, the print was a free printable from Mrs. Brooklyn Limestone. She has a great blog that is worth checking out and if you would like to print your own copy of this print, or others, she has a few posted, you can find it here.

Isn’t it amazing what a can of paint and some scrounging can do? You all of a sudden realize just how much stuff you have and you may be surprised how well it can all work together. If you are thinking of redoing a room, what things do you already have that you can reuse and maybe reinvent and use as a jumping off point for the redesigned space? Think outside the box!


6 thoughts on “Guest Room Reveal

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! I love all the fun prints you do, I printed that one out as soon as I saw it! It makes me smile every time I see it. Thanks for making your work available.

  1. Beautiful, Rachel!! You are truly gifted. The room is so inviting and attractive, the way you have pulled interesting elements together.

  2. Looks great! I love the idea of scrounging around the house to find things you already own to make a beautiful room!

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