Doily Redemption: Beautiful DIY Dioly Lamp

I feel like I should do something to redeem doilies because they really can be beautiful. To convince you, I want you to consider this lamp shade Isabelle made and featured on her blog Dos Family.


Isn’t it beautiful?


I think this would be really beautiful in a little girls room or in a bathroom. It would even look beautiful over a dining table but that might go over better if you are living with a bunch of other girls. Just a little side note to the ladies living with their besties: embrace the feminine decor while you can, paint it purple, hang up the Paris posters, incorporate paisley everywhere, and make this beautiful light before testosterone gets involved, it tends to have opinions when it comes to these elements!

Isabelle provides the full details on her blog and she breaks down the step by step instructions. She has also listed a number of tips and addresses some issue that some readers seemed to have when they tried to make the lamp.

Where would you hang this light? If you make one be sure to send some pictures!
Are there any decorating styles you would love to apply to your home but testosterone interjected?


Please post your thoughts!

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