Project 005: Stereo Chest

Happy Monday once again! I hope you all had restful weekends and for those of you in Ottawa, you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had yesterday. There are no words to describe just how liberating and satisfying it is to take that first walk where you don’t need your parka zipped to your nose.

This past week and over the weekend I was able to finish up another stereo cabinet. This one is very different from the first one, less mid century and more just old and yucky.

I had hoped to cut the front panels along the seams to make them into cupboard doors but when I got it home and looked more closely, it became pretty clear that it wouldn’t work well.

You can see that inside had been stripped of the components before I bought it. The speaker panels came with it but I forgot to take a picture before I took them out. You aren’t missing anything, they were super duper ugly.

My Mom’s puppy, Buddy, was being so good and so cute while I was taking these pictures that I just had to snap one of him too.

It’s a bit of a fuzzy picture but he is pretty fuzzy too so I’ll call it “artistic”

But now for the big reveal:

After some teal love and some fabric, “Ugly Chest” became …

“So Pretty Chest!”

(Disclaimer: my floors aren’t actually orange, I was having some photography issues taking these.)

I like that you can still see the wood grain through the paint, it gives some texture and a little hint to its former “glory.” I use the term loosely here.

The chalk paint worked so well. I originally tried spray painting the piece but I found that the spray didn’t stick well because of the plastic-y veneer. I quickly realized I would go through a lot of primer and a lot of spray paint to cover the old surface. Latex paint with a little bit of Plaster of Paris and I didn’t need to prime and I almost got away with one coat. I did do two coats however, for durability and to make sure I had covered everything. I finished up with two coats of wax and  I haven’t seen any scuffs or marks on it yet.

I think this piece would be perfect in a guest room or in a living area that has a pull out couch, to store linens and extra bedding. I was also thinking that it would be a good toy box up in the living room that could hold and hide ton of toys when the adults wanted to reclaim their space in the evening or when guests were over.

Hope you all have a great Monday!


14 thoughts on “Project 005: Stereo Chest

  1. This is awesome! I so wish I had the gumption & energy to do great projects like this…you have great talent for this.

  2. Rachel,
    This looks outstanding, especially since I saw the piece when you bought it! I cannot wait to try painting some furniture with plaster of paris/paint, it really looks like a nice finish….plus I can use the leftovers for the wrinkles! :)

  3. That looks fantastic Rachel, I love the teal and the fabric! I agree on the uses, I’d much prefer to stash toys in there then have them visible! Great work :)

  4. It is stunning! I love the colour, and the choice of fabric as well. What a transformation! This piece of furniture could be put to many uses while being enjoyed for its beauty.

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