Coffee Table Inspiration

At my last house my bedroom overlooked a school yard, but just beyond the school yard and through the fence, I could see the dumpster from the apartment buildings beyond. Far from being disgusted, I loved being able to scope out what big items were being tossed to see if any were worth confiscating. There were a lot of students living in that building so April and May were the jackpot months. I found quite a few things including a mattress and box spring that my roommate sold at her garage sale. In retrospect that was a super gross move but it happened so we chalk it up to funny college moments. We could have done worse. One of my better finds was an old coffee table. It had a solid would frame like a cube and a glass top. The glass broke  in our move to our current house but I kept the frame because I knew it had lots of potential. These are some of my inspiration photos as I start to work on it this week.


{image via}

I have loved this table for a while, I have even been reading a few tutorials on how to make it but it requires welding and I’m not sure how I’d pull that off. This table has the same cube structure as the frame I have does. Unfortunately this is a beautiful 2012 steel  rendition of the 80’s chunky wood version I have, so I will be painting the base to bring her back into the times.


{image via}

This is more industrial version of the above image. Mixing the industrial steel with rustic wood is a really big trend right now. I won’t have the steel but I really like the wood top.


{image via}

This beautiful table was designed and built by a shop in New York, called Nightwood. I remember finding their site a few years ago and I never forgotten their products. When I started out doing this furniture gig, I was very inspired by their salvage style. I hope this coffee table ends up looking a bit like their style. If you have a chance you should click over to their site and then let me know what you think.


{image via Design Sponge}

All of the other images have had darker legs with the wooden top but I love the crispness of the white with the natural wood. I am having a hard time deciding. I was going to paint today but maybe I’ll work on the wood top and give myself time to think about it. If you have an opinion, make sure you leave a message in the comments!


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