IKEA Hacks

I had thought that I would post today about the coffee table progress but … I’m not going to. Its not that I haven’t started, I have, it is well underway (Mom’s rolling her eyes thinking sure it has! It is I swear!) It is just that I try really hard not to bore you with my posts. If you make the effort to come see what I’ve written, I would like for you not to feel you wasted your time, and right now I can’t think of anything more boring than half painted and half stained wood. So today is a little unplanned and we are going to go to one of my favorite topics…IKEA. (Mom is now rolling her eyes again)

I love IKEA. I have for years. I think I was 15 when I first discovered their catalog and, this is really embarrassing to admit, but when I was packing just before we got married and when I thought we would be moving into a 500sq.ft.  apartment, I found 6 or 7 past catalogs stashed away for safe keeping. I even had a double of 2006 for some reason. Must have been a great year. The first catalog I found I remember was really inspiring. It was all young cool people living in these lofts with their bikes hung on the wall and plants in the windows but what really got me were all the little captions and ideas all over the page on how to maximize and organize your space. They do that to a degree but not like that particular one. Anyways, this paragraph is long enough, chalk it up to my ridiculous fascination with this store.

Even better than just IKEA are IKEA hacks where people have customized IKEA products to suit a specific need or to better fit their style. It is really inspiring how creative and out of the box some people are.

These are inexpensive IKEA wardrobes customized to house a Murphy bed in a guest room.

{Image via Mike Hebst}

{image via Mike Herbst}

Mr. Herbst has posted the step by step of his process in the links above.

Even if you aren’t looking for a Murphy bed, these wardrobe systems are very versitile. If you like the price point but don’t want your bedroom to look like everyone else’s, add crown molding at the top and trim on the bottom for a custom built in look. If you really want to add some “pizzazz” you could apply wall paper or pretty contact paper to the panels to dress it up. My last suggestions before moving on may seem obvious but, choose your handles and pulls from another store there are so many unique options for pulls and it is the easiest and cheapest way to add a bit of personality to these box store wardrobes.

This hack uses IKEA kitchen wall cabinets and shelves to create a sleek and modern side board in the living area with tons of storage!

(Image via IKEA Hackers}

The idea is so simple but it is a great way to add a ton of storage without taking up much space. I like that they used plain white doors that blend in to the wall, if they had used a more traditional door, especially in a dark colour, it would have looked busy and dominated that wall. In such a small space like this one, the plain white was a great choice. The contrasting top and the chrome feet are great little touches that give it a high end look.

This last one is completely impractical but it made me laugh so I had to post it:

Isn’t that hilarious? I never would have looked at that chair sitting in my living room and thought…SLED!!

On that note, Happy Wednesday! I am off to finish up that coffee table!



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