Front Closet Organization Tips and Inspiration

This post is later than it usually is, if that is even possible. In my defense, and really, I think I am only defending myself to myself but I feel compelled to do it none the less, today was glorious! The husband had the day off so we were able to sleep in a bit and have a slower morning. It was already 20 degrees when we got up and so we started the morning with a cup of coffee on the front steps. It felt like we were at the cottage. Nothing beats the feeling of vitamin D soaking into your skin for the first time in the season, not to mention the simultaneous caffeine dose. Glorious. I am not sure I have ever enjoyed and anticipated the transition from winter to spring too much. Up until this year I have been in school and this time of year is always the most stressful. Last year, I was wedding planning on top of it all so I cannot even remember if I noticed spring. I vow this spring to really enjoy and soak it all in.

{image via Flowers Magazine}

I find that the sun gets me moving. This afternoon we were able to get the car cleaned and vacuumed and then I got the front closet organized. I had been putting off the closet because I wanted to redo it nicely and do an article on organizing closets for your guys but it got to the point where it was a little out of control and driving me crazy. I do have a list of tips for you guys when organizing your front closets but no pretty pictures from my own closet.

{image via House of Anais}

Start by taking time to think through what you really use that closet for most. Does it make the most sense for that to be your front closet? for instance, is your closet by the front door but you almost exclusively use the garage door at the back of the house? maybe it makes sense to switch your front closet with the linen/cleaning supplies closet. Maybe losing a closet for a mudroom locker style systems works better for your family.

{image via Houzz}

After deciding on the closet take a look at each of your family members needs, ie; how many jackets does each person wear on a regular basis. If you do not have enough space in the closet and if possible, move all of the seldom worn jackets to another location.This could be a hanging rack in the basement or a spare bedroom or another less full closet.

{image via Sears}

Consider hanging a double rod in the closet for shorter jackets or for kids jackets. If you have a combination of long and short jackets consider splitting the closet in half or 1/3 like a bedroom closet and have space for longer jackets on one side and a double rod on the other.

This double rod simply hangs from the rod above it

{image via Martha Stewart}

Either build in or purchase stackable shoe racks. Leave the top shelf free for baskets for each family member to store their hats, mittens, and scarves in. If the closet is large enough you could have shoe racks on one side and one of those plastic sets of drawers on the other for hats and mitts etc.

{image via Martha Stewart}

A hanging organizer with boxes that fit the compartments can also act as “drawers”

If your closet is small but your entry space is larger, try to fit a dresser in the area as a console table. The top is perfect for setting your mail on and things to remember to take with you as you leave, and the drawers offer a ton of storage for hats, mitts, scarves, and even your sunscreen and bug spray for the warmer months.

Put hooks on a wall in the entry way or in the closet if it is large enough to hang back packs, purses, or even laptop bags.

{image via Jennasue}

Most closets come with a shelf and rod already installed. Consider raising the rod to fit either a double rod, hooks, or the shoe racks and drawers. It is easier to get jacket off a rod that is higher than to pull a basket or box of mitts down from above your head. If you do not want to play with the existing rod and shelf, consider keeping the adults things up there if they can reach or use it to store lesser used shoes in stacked boxes with windows for easy identification or even out of season jackets vacuum sealed for compact, stackable storage.

{image via Real Simple}

Old carpet remnants or samples make good mats to line the inside of a closet and dry off wet boots. Make sure they are removable so you can clean them and shake them out at the turn of the seasons. There are some really cute ones out there.

{image via Anthropologie}

An extra large basket on the floor is great for catching sports equipment and balls if you do not have a garage for these things. (basket works great in the garage too though!)

In some situations it may be worth considering taking the door off the closet if they block getting in and out of the door when opened. Doing this will force to to keep your closet neat and supply practicle storage solutions for your family. For your sanity choose matching baskets, a nice looking shoe rack and consider matching hangers. For a big impact and infusion of style, paint or wallpaper the back wall in a bold colour or pattern that coordinates with your decor.

This is a pantry but you get the idea. This has been stenciled, not wallpapered.

{image via House of Smiths}

So many ideas. My goals for our front closet are to stencil the back wall, get more baskets, and add some hooks for my purse.

What about you? any inspirations? What is on your spring cleaning hit list this season?




4 thoughts on “Front Closet Organization Tips and Inspiration

  1. Rachel,
    Thanks for motivating me to at least put away the downfilled coats. We switch out our coats and boots every season as we seem to have alot of coats for two people! It always seems to get a little crowded during what I call transition seasons like this one so we remove the big snow items. Summer is my favourite time for the closet because there is less stuff in it. We move everything to a downstairs closet. It is a rite of passage we do together twice per year as it would be far too tedious and exhausting to do alone! This year we are keeping our snow boots in the closet now to remind us to get them resoled before summer. I am going to send you a picture of an organizer I made from wood we had hanging around for various items, that I stained and hung inside my closet, plus some pics of the closet. I designed the organizer based on what are specific needs were. When it was finished, it was so nice, it seem sad to hang inside the closet. Another cool thing for closets, umbrella holders that you can screw into the wall so the umbrellas are not loose on the floor. You can get really nice ones at Lee Valley ( must do that) as I bought some less expensive ones at a hardware store and they are not holding up. ( They also sell clips for holding up brooms and mops- awesome! Use those too!) In our hall closet we have wire baskets, I believe from IKEA ( we have had them a long time) One is for knapsacks, bags etc, one is for mitts, gloves, one is for headwear and the other for scarves.
    We bought extra boot trays and have two trays inside our closet during the winter and in the summer we store them in the garage. We also have a shoe organizer from Canadian Tire in the closet. Wow, you so inspired me!

  2. So funny, I just started on my closet this weekend! I am painting the back of it with green and stencilling it with that pattern I found on Pinerest. I took the doors off and bought two brown leather cube ottomans to put bellow the coats. I bough 6 natural baskets to put on the two shelves. I bought all wooden hangers too. Once it’s all done I’ll have you over :)

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