Project 006: Coffee Table Reveal

I found this coffee table in the garbage a couple years ago. It used to have a smokey glass top that was chipped in one corner and cut me almost every time I dusted, which, fortunately for me, wasn’t very often. We lived together in student housing bliss. When I got married, I my kind mother gave me an extra coffee table she had and I had been eyeing for a while. Even so, I took this one with me knowing that it had potential.

Fast forward a few months and here he is:

Not quite the modern piece I had originally planned when I shared the inspiration photos with you last week. But I am thinking that his (I’ve decided its a boy) beachy/cottagy look is fitting for the beautiful weather we have been having.

I need to dedicate this post to my Dad. Not only did he do the detail work on this project that really pulled it together like the beveled edge and cutting those thin filler pieces (have I mentioned I am a little scared of power saws?) but, I am not sure I would be writing this blog if it weren’t for him. Well, I know I wouldn’t, considering I needed half of his DNA to exist, but I was being more sentimental than that.

My Dad is not only a DIY’er extraordinaire, he can fix or make anything and he was doing it long before it was the cool thing to do, but he also has a sixth sense for spotting gold at the end of other people’s driveways on garbage day. I used to be so embarrassed when he would randomly pull over without warning, jump out and start rooting in the garbage, especially if we were anywhere near where someone might recognize us, but now, obviously, I have embraced the gene.

Dad can make anything, when we were younger if we broke our toys we didn’t really count them as broken until we had gotten Dad to look at it. If he said it was broken then it was really really broken. Dad has not only fixed all of our cars and done all the renovation work in our house, he has built several kayaks, sewn giant kites capable of dragging a human around on a wake board or snowboard, but he even made the wake boards he straps him and his kite too. I have learned that you can make pretty much anything yourself if you care to invest time, energy, and patience.

Dad has really encouraged us (my brothers and I) to learn, build and create. If we have a project we are trying to do he is more than willing to help us out. One of the biggest factors giving me the courage to make a go at this furniture thing, is knowing that if when I get in over my head he is able to fix it, cut that tricky piece of wood, rethink the approach, pull my plans back into the realm of reality, or whatever needs to happen to finish the project. Or, he will be that reasonable voice telling me to toss it straight back in the garbage. If that happens I know its really really beyond hope.

Thank you Dad for taking the time to be an involved dad who not only encourages us but also dives in, teaching us practical skills, life lessons and spending time with us. We, I, am incredibly blessed to have a Dad like you.



10 thoughts on “Project 006: Coffee Table Reveal

  1. I love the table Rachel! I can’t wait to be in the same city as you so I can see your handy work in person! Loving the blog :)

  2. I really like the table. You should have saved the post for Father’s Day & print it out on some nice paper for his gift. I bet he’d really like it.

  3. A wonderful tribute to your Dad, Rachel. You are truly blessed to have a father like him. And the coffee table is beautiful. Well done!

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