A “Springy” Front Entry

If you follow me on twitter (@thelivedinroom) you know that I was at the Dollar Store this morning. I really the like Dollar Store, it actually has some great stuff mixed in with the oodles of tacky. I like to think that I can differentiate between the two; A Dollarama connoisseur, of sorts. Yesterday when staging the coffee table I realized none of my props were very spring like so I hit up the Dollar Store, Home Sense, and PC Home to see what deals I could find.

This is what I came up with:

The flowers and the little Boxwood wreath I found at the Dollar store, the tea towel I found at Home Sense, and the vase, candle, lantern and boots I already had.

This is in our front entry. I like how bright and cheerful it is. There is something about a seasonal vignette in or near the entry that I find inviting. I think that an inviting entry is important not just for making guests feel welcome but also a really nice way to invite yourself back home every time you walk through the door.

This whole thing cost less than $20. What I like about each of these things is that they can (and will!) be reused in other seasons. The forsythia (yellow branches) will probably stay for summer or may reappear for fall, the little wreath could easily become “Christmasified” and the frame and tea towel have a million obvious uses.

Nothing says Spring like a pair of bright boots. Unfortunately, these ones have a giant slit up the back, not practical for wearing but they sure look cute as decor!

Do  you switch around your decor for the seasons? What are you dreaming up for spring? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and see your projects, feel free to post comments and pictures below!


2 thoughts on “A “Springy” Front Entry

  1. What a cheery entry way! Happy to see you avoided baby-coloured pastels. … and may I add your photography is fabulous!

    1. Editing programs are fabulous! I’ve been using Picasa, its really easy. I was looking for spring inspiration and it is so so hard to find anything outside of pastel. I’ve never been the biggest fan.

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