A Purpose Filled Home

I read a post by Kate from Centsational Girl this morning titled “A Purpose Filled Home,” and it got me thinking about how I would define a “purpose filled home.”

I named this blog “the lived in room” hoping to express my view of home as being so much more than the furnishings and finishes it consists of. At the end of the day, your family and friends and the relationships you nurture matter more than any thing you put in your home or any colour you paint the walls or any of the thousands of details we can get distracted with when it comes to our houses.

I think that a purpose filled home is one where anyone who walks through the door feels welcomed and accepted; first, those who live there, and second, any visitor. I like to try express this through the way I decorate my home but realistically, you could live in a cardboard box and this sentiment may be more evident than in the most beautifully appointed home.


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I think if I had to boil it down even farther into one summarizing sentence it would be: A purpose filled home, reflects purposeful people.Your home will reflect what you have decided your purpose is in life. So for me, one of my goals (purposes) is to try make anyone who walks through the door feel welcomed and accepted and I enjoy working to have my home reflect that.


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What about you? what is your or your families purpose? how does your home reflect that?