Project 007: The Blue Chair

I am so original at naming these projects, numbers and colours. My creativity is limited to reinventing objects, not naming them apparently!

People are starting to catch onto what I am doing here at the livedinroom, so I’ve been getting some pretty hilarious texts, emails, and calls from friends as they are walking their dogs, driving to work, or out for runs, reporting garbage sightings I may be interested in. I love it.

This lovely chair was dragged from the curb by my brother. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a true before picture, I had already painted the frame when I remembered, but I captured the lovely “before” upholstery for you all to enjoy;

Dirty. Saggy. Yuck.

But a little paint, fabric, and my brand new staple gun…

Much better. The chair has some nice details in the legs and spindles that didn’t really show up until after it was painted out. I really like how the curves and the fabric compliment each other. Of course that was on purpose…

A chair is probably the easiest piece of furniture to redo, and it only takes about an hour and a half of hands on time. I used CIL Smart paint which has a primer built in to it so I applied it directly to the wood. It was a bit of an experiment but it covered really well in two coats. I am going to let the paint cure for a couple days and then I will finish with two coats of clear wax which will protect the paint from scratches. Paint dries really quickly to touch in a few hours but it takes a few days to cure. When cured the paint will be much more durable. The wax will protect it even more from scratches and everyday wear and tear.

The upholstery is even simpler than painting the frame. Cut your fabric to size and start in the middle of one edge of the fabric and use a staple gun to tack the fabric to the bottom of the seat. Pull the fabric as taunt as you can without distorting the fabric and tack on the opposing edge, do this for the other two edges. Pulling the fabric tight, work your way around the seat alternating edges to ensure even tension on the seat fabric. check the top(good) side of the seat often to make sure it looks good. I have no tricks to the corners, I just pull and tuck and fold and staple as needed to get a corner I am happy with.

A chair is a great piece of furniture to practice with if you want to gain some confidence redoing pieces of furniture. I have to warn you however, it can get addictive!

I would love to hear about your projects! are you into refinishing furniture? what piece was it that got you hooked?





11 thoughts on “Project 007: The Blue Chair

  1. I think I still have the original iPhone picture I took of it when I found it on the side of the road. I can send it to you if you’d like to post it in the before picture part.

  2. You make it sound so easy Rachel. Now I feel like I have to recover all those chairs in the kitchen I covered with vinyl as my kids grew up. Now they are all grown up so…….. oh wait ,I have a grandchild now so no point….Looks great Rachel!

    1. Grandchildren are super cute but they can be pretty destructive! If you do want to recover the chairs you could look into some of the fabric protective sprays they have these days.

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