Basement Inspiration

Today I am working with a friend who is in the preliminary stages of finishing her basement, so I spent the weekend reading up on basement renovations and getting distracted by the pretty pictures. Believe it or not, basements can be beautiful with a budget and a good contractor. Ha! can’t anything? Later this week I will talk about design considerations when planning your basement renovation, but today is all about inspiration.

Basement Family Room modern family room
This basement does a great job of being both adult and kid friendly.  The colour scheme is neutral and light and bright but it has the bright pop of blue in the kids craft area with additional colour incorporated through the kid’s framed art on the wall. 
This colourful basement was done by Sarah Richardson The primary colour palette was kept light and bright making the space feel large and open but bright pops of red add interest and personality. Instead of building walls to designate zones, Sarah cleverly used cabinetry and curtains to divide the kids play area from the living area from the laundry and storage area. Using these methods preserves the open feeling of the space.
Designed by Peter Fallico
Same room, opposite view
This basement family room utilizes built in cabinetry to create a sleek media center with doors below for some hidden storage.
Some of the common themes I am seeing in this pictures are:
  • Neutral main colours – keeps the room feeling light, airy, and larger than it is
  • Lots of lighting – basements tend to be dark and have lower ceilings. Pot lights give lots of light and doesnt use up any head space. Lighting can also be supplemented with lamps and wall sconces
  • Treating downstairs like upstairs – each of these basements are just as inviting as any upstairs living area. Including art and decorative items makes them personal and homey
  • Storage – None of these spaces are short on storage, storage is tailored to the needs of the owners and implemented in creative ways. Having well thought out storage helps limit clutter

Basements are typical areas that are thought of as the last to-do project in the home.  While traditionally these spaces are used as the catch-all for left over furniture, if a few details are prioritized, it can (literally) add a whole new level to your home.


Please post your thoughts!

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