What Can’t Paint Do?

Hello! I have some serious apologizing to do for the dismal posting track record last week. It turned out to be a perfect storm of switching computers, some glitches getting WordPress working right, job complications, trying to finish up a furniture project that has been taking too long, and then the Easter long week. But I hope you are all doing well and that you had great weekends with family and friends!

I have been working on this one furniture project for two full weeks now and it has taken me way longer than I expected. Partially because it has needed a bit more structural help than my other pieces have needed, partially because it has needed more paint than my other pieces and I’ve been doing some hand painted details, but mostly because I’ve been procrastinating a bit and doing “research” on painting furniture more than actually painting my piece of furniture. And by “research” I should clarify that I mean, “looking at all sorts of pretty pictures of things other people have painted while I put off doing my own painting”

I have learned one thing through all this “research” though, and it is that, you can do and paint almost anything and get a fabulous result. The list is ever inspiring and never ending so I have broken it up into a couple posts.

All of the images I got from Lindsay over at Better After. I have mentioned Lindsay before, she has an awesome blog where she posts oodles of Before & After projects that people share with her. Don’t go look at it unless you have hours to spare! Under each picture I’ve also posted the link to the original website and blogger who did the project for more pictures and information.

1. Kitchens: Cabinets and Walls

Classy Clutter

2. Bathrooms: Vanityand Walls


3. Tile

A Sense of Design

Serious inspiration! Amazing what a little paint can do! It needs to be said that you need to make sure you are painting your project properly, using the appropriate primers, paints, and protective coats for the job, not all paint is created equal. But when you do it right what a transformation! Tomorrow I will continue the list so stay tuned!


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