What Can’t Paint Do? Part II

Before I launch into our “scheduled content” I just need to put it out there how blessed I feel to be able to do this. God is so GOOD and he just keeps opening doors and reaffirming that this is what he would have me do. Amazing.

Yesterday I posted some awesome projects some fellow bloggers have done with paint. I didn’t even scratch the surface of what can be done. If you are anything like me, looking at the pictures gets your whole being buzzing a little and you want to immediately grab a paint brush and go at everything in sight. Depending on where you are on that spectrum you may want to avert thine eyes from the following pictures. If you are up for a little more creative inspiration, keep scrolling!

Continuing the list….

4. Fabric Furniture (!?)

Stella Poore via Design Sponge

I am dubious, and so was she but she took the plunge and look at how it turned out! Not everyone’s style, but undeniably fabulous. I have a harvest gold velvet couch downstairs…tempting.

5. A Rug

Pudel Design

Rugs are surprisingly expensive, I have been trying to find one for the kitchen but finding one I like that fits my budget (I seem to only be attracted to things $500 and up) is looking less and less likely. I am thinking I should paint one.

6. Curtains

Take the side Street

I have some curtains I  have gotten a little tired of. Painting them may be the jumping off point for redoing my dressing room

7. Artwork

I love love love these paintings done by Tanya at Dans le Townhouse, she has inspired me to do some of my own, bought the canvases today!

8. Brick Exterior

Chatting in the Sky

I am always the last person to say, “Paint the brick” I love the charm it has, but in this case, (and quite a few others on google images, “painted brick exteriors”)  the glam factor has really been taken up a notch!

There you have it! some pretty great examples of the miracles of paint!

What have you been tempted to paint recently?



5 thoughts on “What Can’t Paint Do? Part II

  1. I’d love to see some of these projects a year down the road. I’m a little dubious regarding how well the paint would adhere to say tile and brick over time, after a little wear and tear. That being said, the “right after” shots look great!

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