Foodie Friday: Lemon Chiffon Cake with Pineapple Flowers

It was delish! I actually dreamed about eating it again last night and I am drooling right now thinking about it. If it hadn’t taken me 13 eggs and a full day to make it, I would be tempted to make myself one. Right now. Drool.

I found the recipe on Wisk Kid. She makes the most delicious looking cakes and desserts. I can’t go to her site too often because just looking at the pictures, I can feel my thighs expanding. What I love about her blog is that she doesn’t just post a recipe, she always has a little story or blurb before the recipe that pulls you in. It may not be anything related to food but she is a fantastic writer and I love reading what she has to say and how she says. She is younger than me but I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Mostly butter and whipped eggs, it is so yummy and everything a cake should be. Seeing as it is mostly eggs and butter though, it is definitely a special occasions cake.

There are three parts to the cake; the Vanilla Chiffon cake, the Lemon Cream, and the Italian Buttercream icing. Here is the printable version of the recipe from Wisk Kid’s site

(I had to double the cake recipe because I was feeding 8 adults and 4 kiddos, the icing and cream is enough for twice the cake recipe)

My sister law’s favourite colour is yellow so when I saw Pinapple flowers on Pinterest from Annies Eats I knew I had to try.

Mine weren’t as pretty as hers, I may have burned them a litttle…but I got the idea across and they were still pretty (at least I think so)

(If you try making these, You need to slice the Pineapple even thinner than I did here. Slicing thin enough is by far the hardest part of this)

Yum! if you are looking for a “light” (as in fresh tasting, not in calories) this is the perfect cake. It is time consuming and needs a lot of eggs but it is worth every minute and every calorie, especially if you are making it for someone even half as awesome as my sister in law!

Bon Appetit!


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