Furniture Finds

This week has been a good week for finding great furniture. On Friday, I was in a box store looking around at the new spring collection and getting some ideas, I was just about to leave when I stumbled (quite literally) on a pile of insanely low priced clearance furniture right at the front door. I am not sure how I missed it on the way in, I usually have a “spid-y sense” that kicks in for these things.

I don’t usually find clearance prices to be great on furniture, they can be good if you were already in the market but I hardly ever find something where I snap it up even though I hadn’t been looking for one, just because it was WAY too good of a deal to pass up.

For me to do something like that, the items need to be in the “spare change” price category which never happens but you can tell I am setting this all up to tell you that it did!

We bought three items and I was giddy all weekend. I love the items we got but there is that added thrill only a great bargain can get you!

To make an already great furniture weekend even better, I then found another great piece on the side of the road on Saturday morning on my way home from work. I may have pulled a slightly dangerous, slightly illegal, u-turn to rescue this great chair.

I am not sure how I am going to finish him yet but if you have suggestions or if you want me to customize it for you, post your comments!


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