Contemplating Coral

I went on a little mini vacation last week to visit my sister in law in Montreal. She was husband-less for a few days and mine was set to work some long hours on those same days so a little trip was in order. We had a great time exploring a bit of the city and of course indulging in some of the most delicious almond croissants you have ever tasted in your life.

I had big plans of posting while I was away but I didn’t bring my computer with me so I am not sure what I was thinking.

I had hoped to get started on the cane chair I showed you last week

But I haven’t had any ideas yet of what I might like to do.

I have been really enjoying this spring’s “it” colour, coral

{via Prairie Perch}

I have surprised myself a bit with how much I am liking this colour right now. I am really drawn to how bright and cheery it is without being a pastel, primary, or neon. It is also surprisingly versatile with other colours and shows up in fabrics, fashion, and interiors.

{Jacinda Boneau via Spoonflower}

{via Pinterest, original source unknown please let me know if you know it}

{Mussacco Warner Miller}

I am trying to decide on a coral coloured fabric for the chair. I love the look of traditional chairs with a wild fabric on it. Like this one from Style at Home

{Photo Andrew Grinton}

I was thinking a more whimsical fabric like this one, wouldn’t it be cute with the wood painted a grey, dark coral or maybe even gold?

{Jacinda Boneau via Spoonflower}

I am playing around with the idea of also using contrasting fabrics on the front and back of the sort of like this chair but not quite as Bollywood!


Those are my thoughts for the chair. Its hard to narrow down all the possibilities! Any opinions?


9 thoughts on “Contemplating Coral

  1. It was great having you in Montreal, especially with our adventures on the Metro! And I can’t wait to see this chair in coral. Maybe in my house? :)

    1. I loved Montreal! it was so fun. This chair has actually been claimed by someone else already but I’ll keep my eye open for you. You got me home safe and sound from the scary Montreal metro at Midnight after all!

  2. HI,
    I typed cane chairs makeover on google and it pulled up a whole group of pictures. When you click on the individual pictures, it connects to someone’s site and shows you what they have done. It was interesting to see what other people have done. I am a great fan of coral and it does complement brown so well. I think whatever you choose will look fantastic as you have exquisite taste and flare.

  3. I’m also loving coral this season and having just bought myself a pair of coral trousers for summer, I’d fully support covering the chair seat in coral fabric – think it would look great against the wooden frame. Good luck whatever you decide to do!

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