The Art of It

Nothing starts making a house feel more personal and more like home than hanging art on the walls. Everyone has their own taste in art and decor and they put a lot of thought into a piece when trying to pick one for the space they are considering. There are rules but I’ve never been big on following rules, mostly because I can’t seem to remember them. For example, I cannot tell you off the top of my head how high a painting should be hung off the floor. I eyeball it and hang it where I like the look of it. But I think that this is the key; pick what you love and then hang it where you love it best.


Despite not being a rule follower, there are some general things I consider when choosing and hanging a piece of art work. Size and Shape, Style, and Colour

Size and Shape

Think of the size of the wall space you have to fill. A single small frame on a big wall looks weird, conversely, an oversized piece hitting the ceiling looks a little strange too. You want your piece of art or your grouping of art to be proportional to the wall and looks like it fits comfortably. If the wall is rectangular and there is a long buffet or credenza below it, you will want a rectangular piece that is shorter than the piece of furniture to centre above it. If it is square and over a mantle, you will want a square or round piece that is slightly more narrow than the mantel.


Art creates focal points. You can use it to make your ceilings look higher or lower than the are, depending on the size and shape of the piece or group. If you have high ceilings and you want to draw the eye up. Try hanging a large piece that is taller than where a regular ceiling would start. if you have normal height ceilings you can still hang a long rectangular piece which will draw the eye up.

{via nefotlak}

If you want a space to feel more intimate, like in a bathroom,or bedroom, hang a smaller, piece of artwork at eye level from wherever you spend the most time. In a bedroom, you can hang artwork right beside the headboard where one can easily see it when lying down.



I like to choose two or three styles of art and try to keep the it fairly consistent throughout the house. This is one way of keeping your home feeling cohesive even if the paint colours and functions and furniture change from room to room. You can achieve this look in several ways, one way is by having a strong predominate theme, such as colour or content or paintings of a similar style, another is to have everything framed in the same colour frame (not the exact same frames, just the same colour)



Paintings are a great way to add splashes of colour to a neutral palette. I love the look of white walls with a huge, bright painting and a few accents around the room carrying the colour throughout the space for balance.


They very most important thing in my opinion, is that you love your home and the things in it. Your home should be a reflection of who you are and your journey to that point in your life. It is so fun to walk into someone’s home and get to know them through the stories they have to tell about the things on their walls.


5 thoughts on “The Art of It

  1. Love this post Rachel! I think the key point is that what you choose to hang on your walls tells your story. Sometimes it can take a while to find the right fit. We had bare walls for almost 2 years! I’m sure that might drive some people crazy, but I think it’s totally worth taking the time to figure out what you like and waiting until you find that special piece that will become part of your home. :)

  2. My art in my own home changes quite often but I have found that if it’s a really good painting it works anywhere – they are very few to be found and they are sometimes the ones that surprise you.

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