How Masterful

I was cold and bored on Friday so I did the logical thing and cleaned and cleared out our bedroom, bought a gallon of paint and started painting before I could talk myself out of it. I am sure you do the same when you are bored and cold?

I didn’t give much thought to what the finished room would look like before I started but I spent some time pulling an idea together over the weekend. Experienced designers have this knack of pulling together bedrooms that have me diving through my computer screen onto feather beds piled with more pillows and duvets than I think we have in our whole house. Every room, regardless the style or size feels like a retreat. So I tried to narrow down the elements I felt made it work.

Make a focal point

Make your bed the focal point of the room. Your headboard is a great starting point. To buy one can be expensive but there are tons of great tutorials on how to make stunning headboards yourself on line. Like this one from Kate of Centsational Girl (she is the one who inspired me to start a blog. I think all of her stuff is awesome)

Even if you don’t have a headboard (or even if you do) Hanging large pieces art, pictures, or a funky mirror above the bed gives the illusion of a headboard, or if you have a headboard, gives extra height and emphasis.

{Lucite + Lavender}


Bedding is the biggest element to consider when planning your master bedroom. After considering your practical needs, start thinking about colour, texture, and layers. Your bedding may be the easiest place to start when choosing your scheme for your bedroom. It is much easier to match paint to fabric than it is to chose bedding to match your walls.

{House&Home via Decorpad}

I love a white bed, but to keep things interesting I like to chose a textured duvet cover, contrasting sheets and add a pop of colour or pattern with some throw pillows.

{Lauren Nelson Design via Decorpad}

If you have a highly patterned duvet cover or comforter maybe try sheets of a contrasting but coordinating pattern for a bold look or chose the main colour you like from the duvet and get solid sheets in that colour and play with contrasting patterns with your throw pillows.


Even if you need black out curtains, there is no reason to have boring windows! To decide if you should go with patterned curtains or a solid you will need to base it on how much pattern, colour and texture, is in the rest of the room and on the walls.

{The Yellow Cape Cod}

A beautiful look that will add drama and highlight the windows is hanging a blind fit to the window and installing curtains that hang from ceiling height to the floor. The blind will give you the practicality and the curtain will add softness, texture and pattern.

{Rambling Renovators}

Area Rug

An area rug is a bit of a splurge but if you have cold hard floors it sure is nice to have one in place for your bare toes first thing in the morning!

A true rug connoisseur would insist that you get three separate rugs – One for each side, and one for the end. I disagree, I like having one larger one that goes under the bed and pokes either side where my feet touch and at the end. I feel like it grounds the room.

{Georgette Westerman Interiors via Decorpad}

If you have a large space at the end of your bed an area rug looks nice at the end of the bed, even if the room is carpeted. Often the closet is opposite the bed and it is nice to have a soft carpet where you stand to get dressed.


I will always say you need art or pictures or a mirror in every room and non room of your house. It adds interest, tells your story, and personalizes every space.

{Heather Garrett Design via Decorpad}


In every room, lighting should be “layered” and by that I mean, you should be able to control the level of light in the room. Weather this is by dimmers or by a combination of overhead light and lamps, I think it is especially important to have this control in the bedroom. If you can rig it, I think it is also important to have at least one light controlled from bed.

{via Comfortable Home Design}

I am lazy, I do not want to have to get out of bed once I’ve gotten all cozy and I certainly don’t like running into things in the dark!


4 thoughts on “How Masterful

  1. So what colour did you paint your room?? You teased me! I thought you’d share a before and after pic of your bedroom! Tell me! Show me! ;)

  2. I love this post, especially as we had just been talking about master bedrooms on the weekend! You’ve given me some great ideas to run with.

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