Kids Rooms

Apparently some of you are very invested in whatever colour I painted our room! So I will give you a bit of an update. The room is finished being painted. I painted it a  creamy off white. I went light because the room is really dark with only one window and at the back of the house. The new paint makes a dramatic difference in the overall brightness. Today I was doing some shopping around for some little accessories to pull the room together. That’s all you get until I am done with it!

In the meantime, I had a good friend ask me some questions about kids room. She is moving and wanted to know what some options for painting her little man’s bedroom that would be fun but would go well with all of his bright coloured kiddie things without being overwhelming.

She was also wondering about a gender neutral colour to paint in the nursery for new baby who should be joining us any day. This second room needs to have a colour that will work well for the nursery and potentially a little girl’s room but if second baby is a little boy, then the room will transition over to a guest room when baby can share with big brother.

It is way easier to show pictures rather than try to describe colours so I have pulled together a few options.

Question 1: Boy’s Bedroom

{via Jute Home}

This pictures shows neutral walls with a focal wall and then colour is brought in by toys, bedding and accessories. You could easily do a feature wall in any colour paint you would like or even chalkboard paint:

{via Shelterness}

You can choose to just embrace a bold wall colour and tone it down with more subdued fabrics and patterns. If you want the wall colour to pop, choose toy storage options you would find outside of the kid department at the store like big baskets in a natural colour, or an ottoman, or paint a craigslist dresser a colour that coordinates with the room for toys.

{Katie Rosenfeld Design}

If you love the idea of a colour but don’t feel that bold or an accent wall is the way to go, you can choose a toned down version of whatever colour you love and let the toys and bedding take the lime light. Versions of Green or Blue with a grey undertone will work well with the “primariness” of kids things. These colours also look great with white and or birch furniture which kids furniture tends to come in.

{Adventures of the Stay at Home Mom}

{Get it Cut}

Question 2: Baby/Girl/Guest Room

My first thought was gray. I love grey. Before you roll your eyes at my constant draw to grey, look at how versitile it can be…

For Baby Girl…

{original source unknown, via Pinterest}

For Guests….

{via cove&grey}

For baby boy…

If not grey then a creamy yellow would work well with navy accents or with pink and orange for a little girl or with white bedding for a guest room.

{Rambling Renovators}

You could really make any colour work with the right accessories. Easily adaptable colours are in the grey tones, subdued blues, greens, those barely there colours that keep the room from being too white or cold but do not compete with the brightly colour stuff that comes with kids.











2 thoughts on “Kids Rooms

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the tease on your master bedroom….. I am temporarily appeased and looking forward to some pictures once you are finished!

  2. Thanks Rachel! Super helpful post, and I love the idea of the grey room, I really like how it can work for both baby and guests! Great idea with the chalkboard wall too, I think Micah would love that since he loves to draw. Can’t wait to see how your room turned out, thanks so much for the post!

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