Ahead of the Board

Terrible terrible title. It’s supposed to be a pun…today I have a headboard project to show you that a friend and her husband made 27 years ago!  Ahead of the game…Ahead of the board? OK. I stretched it but I couldn’t think of anything else.

She writes that they first made this headboard 27 years ago out of a sheet of plywood they cut with a jigsaw, covered with batting, and then upholstered with material.

Over the years they have tweaked the fabric and the height of the board to suit their various beds and decorating styles. They also made a valance customized to their windows to match the headboard.

It is amazing how a few hours of work can give you a customized look however you want it for a fraction of the price. I also love how they have been able to use the same headboard but have altered it as they need to suit their current decor. I don’t think I’d be taking a jigsaw to a store bought headboard!

Great job and thanks for sharing with me!


One thought on “Ahead of the Board

  1. Maybe something with “above board” or “on board” or “all aboard” or “I’m bored” or even go french with “d’abord!” #JustSayin

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