Chicken Little

It seems like the new trend these days is to start raising chickens in your backyard, in the middle of the city. I kid you not. I have seen more and more people posting about them or their friends doing this. Hilarious.

I see where it came from, as moving towards being more environmentally friendly, organic, and local becomes more of a priority for many. I think it could even be kind of fun, especially if you had kids.

{irwinopolis via Apartment Therapy}

(this family inherited two chickens from their son’s kindergarten class after they hatched them as a school project. They live in LA. Their kids love the chickens! the chickens even wander into the house sometimes and try make themselves at home!)

I remember my grandparents having chickens in their backyard. I was terrified but fascinated all at the same time. I was convinced every time I went in the coop with my Opa that they were all going to fly at my face for stealing their eggs. It is a strange sensation picking up a warm egg knowing that warmth is body heat. I am a little more comfortable with them chilled…which is ridiculous, we are so far removed from our actual food sources. I am not going to launch into the whole food/organic/environmental debate I am just fascinated by these people who are hilariously raising chickens in their backyards in urban settings.

{Take the Side Street}

(Anna and her family decided to raise some chickens in their backyard. She gives frequent update on the coop and the growth of the birds on her blog, takethesidestreet)

I thought through the scenario of us having two chickens for about two seconds, I would just love the reactions of those around us, until I realized that our neighbour would probably lay an egg herself if we dared.

And who knew tiny Chicken coops could be so stylish?

{via Pinterest, original source unknown}

{Nogg Chicken Coop via Greenworld365}

{Designed by Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin, via inhabitat}

Pretty neat! Would you raise a hen or two in your backyard? How do you think your neighbours would react?



10 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. We have 10 chickens, but we have land for them to roam around on and stay helthy. You have to worry about the back yard chickens if there is not enough space or light as they can get sick more easily. I also just don’t like to see a chicken “cooped” up, I think they need to be out of their coop and run as much as possiable. Just my thought :)

  2. My aunt and uncle had chickens for several years, until their neighbours reported them. They loved the birds, and had all kinds of eggs they would give away to the local soup kitchen as they had more than they could use. Sometimes I think it would be neat to be able to grow your own food, but I would be content with just a garden. Chickens are a lot of work, and frankly, chicken poo is gross. Also, bird dander is a big allergen for a lot of people (including me). If my neighbours put up a chicken coop I have to admit that would be a problem.

    1. Chicken poo is super gross and smells terrible!
      That is really neat that your aunt and uncle were able to give the eggs to the soup kitchen, I bet they really appreciated it.

  3. This is hysterical! I grew up in this city and Dad, by then a businessman, (but with the farmer in him just below the surface) had a big hen house in our back yard. He proudly brought fresh eggs in to Mom, an elegant lady, for breakfast every morning. We would even have our own fuzzy yellow baby chicks at Easter. The neighbours were wonderful, but they didn’t like the chickens! It all ended badly one weekend when we were all away, and came back to find that the hen house had burned down and the chickens escaped and were flying all over Carleton Heights. With the smell of charred wood and burnt feathers hanging in the air, Mom put her foot down and said that that was it…no more hen house! One of the highlights of my colourful childhood in the 50’s.

    1. Baby chicks for Easter! how fun! I have a really funny mental image of chickens freaking out all over Carleton Heights. I think I would have put my food down too if I were your mother!

  4. Chris and I were just talking about doing this and if we could keep them warm enough in the winter. That’s what happens when a country girl moves to the city! Thanks for this post.

  5. We just signed something to allow urban chickens in Barrhaven. Right now it’s against the by-law, but if it changes I’m sure Jeremy would be the first on our street with a couple of laying hens!

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