Master Bedroom Makeover

I feel a little strange calling it a makeover, it is not nearly as dramatic as you would see on TV or even other blogs, it also appears a little less dramatic in the pictures as it does in real life. Frustrating! Despite the lack of HGTV glamour, we are pretty glad it is done and are thrilled with the results.

When we first moved in, the previous tenant hadn’t moved out. The house looked as if she had just stepped out to run an errand for a minute. There was cold food on the stove, dishes in the sink, clothes randomly strewn about and a miscellaneous collection of very “studentesque” furniture. All of her stuff was still set up in the master bedroom so we ended up setting our bed up in the second largest room at the back of the house until we could get everything sorted out. Well, almost a year later, things got sorted out but we have never moved into the bigger bedroom. The room is pretty small and every time I crack my shins on our platform bed frame I swear I am going to move us over but I never get around to it. The great thing about the back room, despite how small it is, is that it overlooks a green courtyard with mature trees. It is really quiet, shielded from the street by the trees and the other units backing onto it across green space, and I feel like I am waking up in a tree house when I wake up to a view of the tree right outside the window.

The previous paint colour was a peachy beige (like every other room in the house before we started painting) it was streaky and patchy, and quite dark despite how it looks in the picture. The other issue was the sliding cupboard doors. They were clearly dated and pretty banged up. The metal frame was a bronzy brass colour and wasn’t really doing it for me. I painted everything out Behr’s Antique White, including the sliding doors.

I kept with blue, green, silver, black, and different textures of white because that is what I already had. The only new things I bought for the room were the two little throw pillows, the scrap material for the runner at the foot of the bed, the area rug, and the little plant on the dresser. Everything else I already had so the room came in under $150, including the paint.

There are a few really personal touches that make the room special to me and to us. The picture frame above our bed has pictures of our wedding. I like waking up and looking at it and remembering how special that day was for us. The other piece of art hanging above the dresser was a water colour that we bought from a street artist in Victoria on our honeymoon.

The little blue bowl and the little cross on my bedside table and the dresser, are two little pieces that I brought back with me from a trip to Guatemala a few years ago. And finally, the lamp was the first thrift find piece that I redid. It was a ten minute project where I spray painted the brass base a more contemporary silver and simply glued some black ribbon onto a basic white shade.

And there you have it, our bedroom makeover. We love how soothing it is, how it suits both of us, not being to masculine or feminine, and room that no longer feels like a student room!


5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover

    1. Thank you! we love how paired down it is. Mind you, ten minutes after all the pictures are taken there are a million clothes tossed all over the place and its a little less peaceful!

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