Project 009: Ombre Rocking Chair

We have had the most glorious weather this past weekend, perfect for garage saleing, getting projects done, having dinners out on the deck, and reading/napping in the sun: invigorating.

I went on my first garage sale adventure for the season on Saturday. I love the ambiance of community garage sales, everyone outside, relaxed, visiting, and enjoying each other and the weather. It is something to soak in and appreciate when the usual (unspoken) rules of individualism and privacy are suspended and everyone seems approachable and friendly.

I visited a friend’s sale and she had some great pieces of furniture and some old windows that she ended up giving me! I am so grateful and so excited to show them to you as I work on them.

I found this cute little rocking chair at another sale and decided it would be a good  candidate to try spray painting. You may or may not know that I have a tumultuous relationship with spray paint. It NEVER works for me. The paint always comes out splotchy, chunky or runny so that most of the paint just runs down the bottle all over my hand and doesn’t touch the object. Very frustrating.

(An inadvertent “Dexter” effect due to faulty spray paint)

After finding the rocking chair at the sale, I decided to go to my parents since they have more space to work outside. On my way I picked up a can of spray paint. My Mom’s close friend has heard my spray paint woes and offered to show me how to do it since she has had great experiences and results. She came over and sure enough, the paint came out chunky. We  went to the store and got a new can and tried it behind the store before bringing it home, it came out chunky too! My friend couldn’t believe it. We decided it was old paint and went to her place grab a can of hers. Same brand, but perfect results. After marvelling at how easy it was and bemoaning my awful luck choosing cans of paint, I noticed and commented on how she didn’t take the safety tab out the nozzle of her cans.


“What safety nozzle? there is no safety nozzle.”


None of my cans had worked because I had been sabotaging every one of them by pulling out what I thought was a safety tab but what was apparently a critical part of the nozzle! I felt a little stupid but when I think about it, its pretty funny. I am sure I will never live it down! Who knew you just had to take the cap off and spray?

well, I guess most people…

To get the ombre effect I first sprayed the chair the dark coral/pink. I then went to Home Depot and got them to match a little tester pot of paint to my spray paint and added white paint to samples of the colour to make the varying shades and brushed on two coats. Easy Peasy! I like that it is pink but has a fun, funky edge to it!


6 thoughts on “Project 009: Ombre Rocking Chair

  1. I have got 1 idea for your weblog. It looks like right now there are a handful of cascading stylesheet issues when launching a selection of web pages within google chrome as well as safari. It is working fine in internet explorer. Probably you can double check that.

  2. The chair turned out really well Rachel. I love the color and of course the picture of the blotchy chair before the spray paint mystery was solved. ! Oops. How much work was that to remove?

    1. I lightly sanded it but I should have sanded it all off. I had to do some touch up work with the paint to cover it well since the colour I went with in the end was lighter than the one I had originally chosen.

  3. Love the colour and that pillow too! Also love your creative writing style – you`re just all `round talented!

  4. I love it! It turned out so good, and I bet I would have made the same mistake with the spray paint too ;)

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