Decisions, Decisions!

One of the pieces I was given this weekend is a great little sewing table. 

It looks a lot like the one my parents used to have which held our fish aquarium for many years. They are handy little tables with a lot of potential which is why I think I am having a hard time narrowing down what I would like to do with it.

The top has some damage to it that will require wood filler and sanding down, so the top will need to be painted but beyond that I have made no decisions.

Some of my options are:

  • Vanity for a little girl’s room
  • Laptop Desk
  • Potting Table
  • Bathroom Vanity (add a sink)
  • Mini Bar/Drinks Console

I am torn! What are your thoughts?




5 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions!

  1. Hi again…. Ok I missed the laptop work station which u had already suggested. It could also be used as a t.v. stand for small t.v.

  2. Hi. I like the drinks table idea too .I have an antique singer cabinet in a games room that also doubles as my four foot Christmas tree base. Right now it is a catch all for some unfinished craft business. It could also look really good as a side table buffet in a dining room. I have stripped and stained mine twice since 1994. You could use the drawers for candles, serving utensils and on top have a teaser, funky vase flower arrangement etc etc. Possibilities are joyously endless. It could also be used as a laptop work station!

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