Cottage kitchens

I am in a cottage-y mood today, partially because we are contemplating a little cottage weekend away and partially because I was just looking on Kijiji for used kitchen cabinets for my brother-in-laws new extension on their cottage. I was doing some inspiration hunting on the web and thought I would share some of my favourites.

{Sarah Richardson}

I love this pretty kitchen Sarah Richardson designed for her cottage. Most of the cottage has white washed pine walls but I love how she  broke up the space by painting her cabinetry unconventional shades.

{ideal home via kitchen clarity}

This kitchen is very simple with its vintage white cabinets and wood counter tops. It feels like a soothing nook to make coffee in the morning or to fix a sandwich for lunch after a long morning of lounging and swimming in the lake! The bright red letters add a fun pop of colour and character.


Who said you even needed to use conventionally or matching cabinetry anyways? this collection of vintage teal cabinets screams lazy summer afternoons to me!

{Better Homes and Gardens}

The cottage is a place to have some fun with decorating. Anything goes! Bright green  cabinets may be too much at home but at the cottage it feels fun and inviting.

{via the berry}

I love how the owners have preserved and even highlighted the age of their cottage by keeping the ceilings as they were. The fresh white kitchen is a nice contrast to the old.


Invariably the cottage gets a lot of guests, whether you rent it out or it is a favourite getaway for family and friends. What is great about the kitchen above it that everything is accessible.  Clearly a casual space, people can help themselves without bothering you and will also be able to help clean up after themselves easier without worrying about messing up your order. Bonus!




Please post your thoughts!

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