Project 10: Bedside Table

Over the weekend I was able to finish a bedside table I got during my garage sale excursion the other week. Since discovering I can actually manage a can of spray paint, I’ve gone a little paint crazy and picked up a few bottles and started this new chapter in my painting career with this cute little bedside table.

I had some hesitation with painting this great little piece because I do like the look of real wood. As a compromise and because it was pretty banged up in places, I decided to paint it but to leave some of the natural wood showing.

To prep the piece I sanded down the top because the finish was pretty cracked and the texture would have shown through the paint. I sanded the drawer to its natural wood and used paint stripper to take the finish of the shelf.

I haven’t had to prime any of my pieces up until this point because I have either used paint with primer in it or I used the homemade chalk paint mixture with plaster in it. It became fairly evident pretty quick that this piece would need primer. Old wood tends to bleed through paint as you can see below.

After a couple of light coats of primer I was able to cover it and the piece started to take shape.

I love how it turned out. There are some dents and bumps that show through the paint and I left the original hardware as is. I like that it has reminders of its age and its history. The fresh coat of paint helps freshen it up a little bit and it looks super cute as a bedside table but I think it would be really nice as an entry table or in a living room.




11 thoughts on “Project 10: Bedside Table

  1. I love this Rachel:) Good job!
    Inspired by you, I’ve picked up a chair from the side of the road. I plan to paint in and i have a cute pillow to go with it! I’ll send you pics!

  2. I love this piece! I have a garage sale to go to on June 9th……. if I found something good would you refinish it?

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