Project 011: Foot Stool

When I think of summer weekends, I dream of long lazy afternoons reading and relaxing with a cool fruity beverage nearby

Sparkling lemonade taste much better with moustache straws!

the breeze softly teasing my hair, and the sound of water gently lapping on the shore. Not very realistic. This weekend flew by between visiting my grandparents and going out for a DELICIOUS southern BBQ dinner, perusing the Great Glebe Garage sale, checking out my Dad’s new sail boat, friends for lunch, church, an awards dinner for Ted’s work, and then completely reorganizing the basement and my work area…I almost didn’t have time to do a project.

Taking the boat for a spin Saturday afternoon

Almost! I knew I wanted to get one done and I had a few little pieces to choose from. I am still deciding on what to do with the sewing table, but I had gotten a little stool with it that I decided to blitz with paint and fabric I already had. If I change my mind later and want it to be a set with the sewing table I’ll redo it accordingly. In the meantime…

This little stool…

Looks more like this…

It is the perfect little stool for under the mirror, or in the front hall, or pulled out when you need an extra seat for guests. I love how the lighter paint colour really brings out the shape and detail of the legs.

If you recognize the fabric it is because I used the leftover I had from this chair project a few months ago.

The two aren’t meant to be a set, they are a little bright side by side, but they could look cute together in a child’s room, or if you really like a lot of blue and yellow together!

I am off to nail down what I would like to do with the sewing table! it is rare it takes me so long to decide for a piece but I love the look of old sewing tables so I want to make sure I don’t ruin it. I also want to try be a bit more creative than just painting it a solid colour. Decisions decisions!


Please post your thoughts!

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