Secret Garden

Ted and I have agreed that we will probably always live in the city. We mostly hate having to drive more than ten minutes to get anywhere, especially work, which has been the biggest deciding factor for us whenever this conversation comes up. In the winter, it is a no brainer for me, but come summer I start to waver every time I drive out to my parent’s place past open feilds, wild flowers in ditches, and overflowing gardens on sprawling lawns. I grew up in the country and I miss the flowers and having coffee after dinner on the veranda hearing the frogs and crickets.

Did you ever see the movie The Secret Garden? How amazing would it be to come home to a garden like that after work? Or what about breakfast in a garden like that? I can’t think of a better way to start or end the day.
By Hillary Garthwaite

Image via Flickr: Wonderlane

Image via Flickr: photographer unknown

Our little front garden and back deck is far from a secret garden and the squirrels keep eating everything I’ve tried to grow from seed. Despite this, I am determined to get a little slice of garden. We have a huge jump start in that we have a mature maple tree behind our little deck which gives us a beautiful canopy and makes it feel like we are at the cottage when out back. I would like to start adding some colour and flowers back there though, to make it feel a bit more like a garden so I have collecting some inspirational images of small city spaces turned beautiful garden.

via Pinterest, orginal source unknown
There are so many ways to add colour, texture and variety through skinny gardens along the fence, climbing vines on the fence and brick, window boxes, and pots.
Gardens can get pretty expensive if you go to your local store and buy everything in one shot. But one of the best things about a small garden or deck is that it doesn’t take too much to bring it to life! I have been collecting pots from garage sales and the dollar store and I have been asking people I know with big gardens to give me any of the plants they split and don’t need to start the process. The hardest part is being patient and letting the plants grow and fill in! In the meantime, whenever I get tired of waiting, I just go and visit my mom’s much more mature gardens out in the country and enjoy the fields and ditches of wild flowers on the way over.

Please post your thoughts!

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