Herb Garden

I have been wanting to plant some herbs and veggies in the back yard but have hesitated until now due to a little squirrel and chipmunk problem we seem to have. Everything that goes out in the back gets eaten or dug out within minutes. Earlier in the season I planted oregano from seeds I had gotten. I planted them in a pot and covered them with plastic wrap until they sprouted. They were doing but within a day of taking the plastic off, the whole pot had been dug up and my little sprouts were gone. Boo.

I still really wanted to get a little garden going and last week was so beautiful, perfect out door and gardening weather so, not very surprising, I found myself at the garden centre. I was just going to look but I can’t resist the rows of great smelling herbs and pretty flowers. I ended up with five pots of herbs and six little tomato plants.

I did some research on how to protect my little plants from the cute but oh-so-destructive munchkins and settled on a 1:1 hot sauce:water spray in a bottle, and garlic. Apparently little animals hate both of these.

I planted my herbs in pots, sprayed them with the spray, planted chopped up raw garlic, then sprinkled the dirt with garlic powder for good measure! The garlic powder may have been overkill but I am determine to win this little war.

So far I’m winning!

I will give it a few more days and then think about adding some colour with some flowers. The flowers will look pretty but they should also attract some bees which will hopefully make my plants a little hardier. In the meantime I am enjoying my little garden and dreaming up recipes to use these yummy fresh herbs in and trying to come up with a good excuse for a “garden” party!



2 thoughts on “Herb Garden

  1. Hi Rachel,
    The arrangement looks very appealing and artistic! I can smell them from here. I read somewhere that marigolds repel alot of insects. Of course for the first time in years I forgot to take this advice when I planted my herbs recently. Thank you for writing about this in your blog today or I would have forgotten all year!

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