Painted Planter

Yesterday I posted photos of the little Herb Garden in our backyard. Today I wanted to share a small paint project I did to brighten up a planter I got from the Dollar store.

I love the look of glazed ceramic pots but I couldn’t bring myself to spring for a bunch of new pots when I wasn’t sure if my plants would even survive. I went to the dollar store and found that they had a decent selection of plastic pots in decent sizes. I picked up a couple but I wanted to add some colour so I decided to experiment.

I first painted the pot a bright teal over the existing terracotta colour. This was back when I couldn’t figure out how to work a spray can so the finish was blotchy and runny. To try rescue my little project, I brushed over the spray with a coat of navy acrylic paint I had lying around. After I was done I clued in that acrylic paint is water soluble and it would all wash off with the first rain. I gave up and set the project aside. I hate failing and I hate wasting so when I got my herbs I felt compelled to make one last ditch effort to rescue my botched pots. I decided to try distressing the paint to see if I could get it to look like glazed ceramic with bits of the lighter blue and the original rusty terracotta colours peeking through.

I took a medium grit sanding sponge (also from the dollar store) dampened it, and started to sand. As I sanded, the terracotta started to peek through and the navy paint began to streak from the water and started to look more like a glaze. The important step was then to finished with a high gloss top coat to protect the paint to make it look more like ceramic.

The blue pot to the right hasn’t been distressed, it is still just the navy over the teal. After experimenting on the larger pot I will now finish the little one to match. If you look closely you can still tell that the pot is plastic but I don’t really mind. I like the pop of colour and texture especially for the minimal cost in supplies. This is a really easy project you can do with any left over paint and a basic pot. For it to be a success though I recommend using the different types of paint, the spray base and then the water soluble over coat and of course the high gloss top coat to make it look more like ceramic.


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