10-15 years of the last 24 I have gone with my family to Killbear Provincial Park on Georgian Bay. It is my favourite place on earth.

A week of hanging out with family, reading, beach naps, walks, and swimming.

This year we had my mom’s and brother’s puppies with us. Those two added a fun dynamic. They ALWAYS were up for a walk, especally if it was to the rocks to go swimming.

The last couple years, we have had a brave little deer visit our campsite; she wasn’t even put off by the dog. She just meandered through as though she owned the place. Which I guess she kind of does.

It was a great week. I feel energized and refreshed and ready to tackle some of the fun furniture pieces I picked up before leaving, photograph some finished projects, and work getting them sold so I can reinvest in new pieces.



One thought on “Vacation

  1. Beautiful pics Rachel! We did a lot of camping growing up too and I hope to share that experience with my two girls. :)

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