Project 012: Sewing Table (Finally!)

Finally photographed the finished sewing table, its only taken what, 3 months? Terrible.

Today has been cleaning day. I’ve been going through drawers and closets and spare rooms, organizing and editing. I have WAY too much stuff. It feels good to tidy and purge and post all the extra pieces of furniture on Kijiji. Fingers crossed they all sell, I am saving for a new camera.

3 months and twenty minutes later now…the sewing table:

I kept things pretty simple. I originally had a really hard time deciding on what to do with this piece, it was beautiful in itself. There was some damage on the top however so I did need to paint. I kept the drawers and the front panel in all their original glory and only applied a light coat of wax to give the wood some lustre and gloss.

I took a piece of sand paper and lightly distressed the surfaces because I felt that the black against the wood was too stark a contrast. I feel that the bit of wood now showing through makes the piece more cohesive and gives the piece an overall warmth.

It works great as a little desk. I am actually sitting at it now writing this post. It would look great as a vanity, mini buffet, or a mini bar or drinks station as well. So many options!

In the end I didn’t go as fancy as I had intended but I am quite please at how it turned out.

Happy Thursday!




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