I’ve been crushing on bentwood chairs recently. It’s not surprising really, considering how much I like Danish furniture and this Eames chair.

The bentwood chairs are similar idea but have a more rustic feel.

{via Deux Maisons. 1. Canadian House and Home 2. Madeleine Side Chair, Restoration Hardware 3. Traditional Bentwood Cafe Chair 4. Tommy Smythe 5. Domino}

I particularly like the style of number 2 in the collage above but they are quite the little trend right now which means their price is in realms beyond my means. But I have been keeping my eyes open and my fingers crossed for an unsuspecting Kijiji seller to cross paths with.

While scoping Kijiji the other day I came across, not the bentwood chair I am wishing against all odds for, but a bentwood rocking chair just like this one.

{via AndSewitGoes}

I was thrilled and at $10 I felt like it was a steal so I didn’t mind that the wood wasn’t in the greatest condition when I picked it up. To some it may look dated but I think it has great lines and even greater potential.

{via Kristen F. Davis}

{via Design Sponge}

I will know better after sanding mine down if I should paint or if I can use a stain. This is one piece I am going to keep and it will eventually find itself in a nursery but for now it is in my living room but I think it would be a great piece to put in our “dressing room” when it gets its little facelift.

What do you think? love it? hate it? Do you have memories of one from your childhood?




4 thoughts on “Bentwood

  1. Hi! Love the painted one. It makes the wooden one, though traditional and quite beautiful when refinished, look kind of severe and sad, especially if it will be going in a nursery some day. I prefer the cane back to the upholstered back but it all depends if it can be salvaged and the upholstered back also gives it a more updated, happy look! My mom had a bentwood chair, a traditional one….the first picture reminds me alot of that one. It was in a room that she did during her jungle print/ big Tiki style chair phase with the lime green walls, fan on the ceiling…making the indoors look like a Caribbean paradise. You never knew what to expect when you came home….lots of fun!

    1. I love the blue painted one the best too. I started sanding mine today so I can paint mine as well. I love the dramatic makeover that the upholstery lends to each of the pieces but I am going to try salvage the cane for as long as I can. The cane itself is in great condition but it is pulling from the spline in one corner. I figure I’ll deal with that when the day comes. Maybe by then I’ll actually have a nursery to do and I’ll match it to whatever I do in there!
      How fun that your mom would dramatically change the house randomly. The tiki room sounds pretty epic!

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