Stepping it Up

Big News. The Basement is finished and it looks amazing!

Hopefully this week I will be able to get some pictures taken and share the big reveal.

Doing a reno is a bit like opening a can of worms; Once the area you are renovating is done and looks new, you start to notice everything else around that doesn’t look so fresh any more. This reno was no exception and the area we noticed immediately when the basement was done, was the stairs going back up to the family room. We brainstormed a couple ideas for finishing the stairs and the option of painting them came up.

I wouldn’t have thought originally about painting them but I have come across a bunch of images recently that have gotten me pretty excited to try it out.


What a great idea to paint the risers with chalkboard paint. It would be fun to be able to change it whenever you wanted with quotes, numbers, or to fit the season.

{Via FunkyJunkInteriors}

I love love love this brilliant staircase from Donna of Funky Junk. She hand painted and distressed all of these logos on her staircase to look like old shipping crates. This could be a fun technique to use with the kids names on the treads.

{via EverydayLovely, original source unknown}

I really like this colour pallet for families; it is vibrant but not primary. Kids and adults could happily coexist in a colour pallet like this.


How fun for stairs going to a kids space where toddlers learning to count play? The nieces and nephews would get such a kick out of this stair way.

{Jonathan Adler}

This stair case is perfect for a nautical theme and again, a happy balance for kids and adults. This idea would work well since there is no banister going down to the new basement right now.

So many great ideas, I am not sure how to narrow them down. I really like the look of different colours (kid and adult friendly) on the risers, but it would also be fun to incorporate an element the kids would get excited about. Do you have a favourite?


5 thoughts on “Stepping it Up

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I am a little more traditional. I once painted basement stairs that made them look like there was a runner in the centre. I also prefer the traditional handrail going down the stairs but that is likely because I have alot of aging people in my life needing something to hang onto. For the painted runner, I couldn’t find a picture ( pre-digital age) but I have found something similar on the following site: If I manage to find some pictures, I will send them to you. I do love the chalkboard paint, especially since your client has grandchildren!

  2. I love the nautical themed rope to match the room! And I want to do the chalkboard paint for the boys room. They would love to write on that!

    1. I was thinking a chalkboard wall would work great in the main play area of the new basement and then nautical on the stairs. That way all the things that make me happy can be in one space! :) haha. Of course I can’t forget that I don’t get to make all the decisions!

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