Confessions of a Lazy DIYer

Another confession. I really don’t enjoy preparing stuff to paint. Furniture, walls, anything. Taping, gluing, filling….ugg!

Mind numbing.

Not that painting isn’t, but for some reason I enjoy the painting part. Maybe it is the gratification of seeing the change happen before you.

Sadly, the amount of effort you put into prepping is pretty closely correlated to the quality of the finished product. So I have tried to stop whining and slowed down to put an honest effort at properly sanding, repairing, and filling. Still no fun, but I feel better about the pieces I am turning around.

A couple things that I have found to be pretty key in prepping a piece properly is:

  • Taking time to do more than one coat of filler for holes, chipped veneer, and deep scratches
  • Sanding. If you are painting the piece you do not need to totally strip the piece but it is a good idea to scuff it up and smooth your.  painting surface. Whatever little chips and scratches that show in the original finish, will most likely show through the paint. A quick sand evens out the surface for a smooth finish. 
  • Priming, especially wood, you use less paint, it goes on smoother, and stains do not bleed through the new paint

Now that all that has been said, perhaps I should stop procrastinating from all the sanding and filling I have to do this afternoon….ugg.


Image Sources

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