On Budget Style

I would be hard pressed to summarize what my style is into one coherent sentence or picture. I think that it is a both a downfall and an asset of having gone through a design program. My experimental canvas (our home) constantly goes through phases as I work through different ideas, and experiment with the newest random find.Some times it works out great, other times our home, the furniture piece I was working on, and I, are all one big hot mess. So I have been learning to embrace it, have fun with it, and to try not take it too seriously, it is just stuff, and paint, and knick knacks at the end of the day


{via Homedit}

.One stop shop, “matchy-match” cookie cutter interiors tend to say more about who the home owner is trying to be rather than who they actually are. I think these interiors end up happening because people stress out too much when setting out to decorate their home, especially young people who are just starting out, they (we) want a “grown up” home, now (right this second) and somehow within their (our) limited budget.

{via the Hunted Interior – check out her great tutorial!}

I can’t think of any better news for people trying to decorate their home on a budget than to lighten up, forget about the over priced box stores, and start looking around for things you love, reflect your lifestyle and personality, and will last for as long as you want them. Check out Kjiji, thrift stores, your mom’s basement, and grandma’s attic to find things that better suit your budget and your style. Mix antiques and IKEA, its allowed.

{via IKEA Hackers}

I think people (me) forget that our parents and their generation have spent years building the lives and the lifestyle they have now; They waited, bargained, worked, and saved their way.

{via Young House Love}

If you love decorating your home and putting your own stamp and personality in your space, being on a budget may be the best tool you have because it will force you to think outside the box and think of creative ways to reach your end goal.

What are some of the creative things you have come up with when on a budget that you ended up really liking in the end?


2 thoughts on “On Budget Style

  1. My husband walked in and read my response to your post just as I was pressing send and said to add that we are in our fifties and we still don’t have the matchy matchy and we are still building and putting things together from all over the place…….:)

  2. Hi Rachel. I could not have said that better regarding the starting out with all kinds of different sources for furniture and using that creativity to build things up over time. We did the garage sales, Pier 1 Imports ( when it was cheaper) my parents’ house and yes, the occasional scavenging. With a bit of hard work and imagination, the result can be quite stunning. Sometimes as we get more affluent and perhaps even busier, we tend to forget that. Thanks for the reminder! Now about that fireplace mantle that I took down…….hmmmm. and that night table that needs stripping……..

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