X or Y?

A lot of our friends either already have kids, or are expecting their firsts in the next few months. Some choose to find out the gender of the baby before they are born, other choose to wait. On one hand it is fun to be surprised, on the other, it is nice to plan ahead.

“Gender neutral” tends to mean yellow or green. I was randomly thinking design and post topics (I do that a lot) and started coming up with some more “gender neutral” colour concepts that can be tailored after the baby comes, or baby number two of a different gender, comes a long needing a nursery.

{A Lovely Life}

The calm paint colour with the bright colours gives this fresh nursery a great energy without being too “kiddy” or primary. This nursery was designed for a little girl but it would be very easy to switch out the curtains for something a little more masculine if you wanted.

{via Pinterest, original source unknown}

This is one of my favourite colour schemes right now and think it would work really well in a nursery. I would keep the main colours grey and green and leave the pink to small accents that would be added after the baby was born. If the baby were a boy, brown or navy or red accents would make the room more masculine.

This black, yellow and green scheme could go either way. It all comes down to the accessories and art.

{via houzz}
This clearly a little girl’s room but all the major elements of the room, crib, dresser, wall colour, window treatment, and rug, would all work well in a room for a little boy. Switching the pink accents out for more black, yellow, or red would have this room boy approved.
There are endless option, combinations, and ideas floating around. What I love about our era of design and decorating is that you can really make anything work. The idea is to have fun and what is more fun than a kids room?

2 thoughts on “X or Y?

  1. I have seen that last photo around the blogosphere and Pinterest quite a lot, so I did some sleuthing and found photos of the rest of the room at http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/viviens-happily-nostalgic-nurs-151179 . What I love about this room is that I think the colour scheme and major concepts could work in a master bedroom or even in a living room. The photos and artwork aren’t kid-centric, the dresser can be used for any other bedroom. I love it when a nursery isn’t super babyish… it could become a guest room by just changing out a bed and very few of the other elements. The chevron rug can be moved to the living or dining room. Etc. :)

    1. I love that about it too. I am a little ADD when it comes to decorating so rugs, art, accessories, etc. all end up shifting around my house. I try keep that in mind when shopping! I love Pinterest because it is such a great collection of inspiration and visual examples of what can work.

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