Project 014: Bentwood Rocking Chair

Two weeks ago I posted about the bentwood rocker I found on Kijiji.  I spent last week working on it and had it ready to go before “someone” misplaced their camera and so therefore couldn’t post it. cough.

The pictures below were my inspiration.

{via Kristen F. Davis}


{via Pinterest, original source unknown}

I used spray paint to do this piece. It is the second chair I have done with spray paint and I questioning whether I will do it again.

I primed the piece and then used two cans of spray paint. It feels like I used a lot of paint and I am not completely satisfied with the coverage. If you look closely, you can see some areas that are lighter than others. I was hoping to get more of a glossy, factory-like finish. My suspicion is that I should invest in an actual paint sprayer rather than using an aerosol spray paint. Overall though, I love the pop of colour and it is working well in my “Closet Room” I’ve been working on but more on that project later!

Has anyone tried and compared a paint sprayer with spray paint? are the results better? is it worth the investment or should I just suck it up and use a third can of spray paint next time?


10 thoughts on “Project 014: Bentwood Rocking Chair

    1. Hi Audrey, I used painters tape and wax paper and manipulated and folded and scrunched the paper and tape as I needed to in order to fit. I ended up using my nails a lot along the curves to nudge the tape in place. Make sure you tape both sides or the paint will colour the front when you spray the back.
      Are you doing a similar project?

      1. Yes, I’m wanting to paint an old bentwood rocker, but the caning lays on top of the wood, and I don’t see how I can spray paint the wood without getting it on the caning…

      2. the way mine worked was that the caning is attached to the frame by being wedged into a groove in the frame and is held there with a flexible piece of wood called a spline.If you look at your piece (if it is the same as mine) the spline is that “ribbon” of solid wood, that borders the cane section. As I taped up the piece I used my thumb nail to wedge the tape right along that little crack and create a firm seal between the wood and tape. The wax paper I taped in the middle to save on tape. Does that make a little more sense?

      3. Oh! Mine is attached differently….the canes are individually inserted into the wood. I guess the only way to paint it will be all the same color….
        Thanks for your help.

  1. A third can would definitely help. Remember spray painting is spraying little dots of paint on, and can’t be compared to lathering on a thick brush of pain. There is only so much paint in the spray can, and when you spray it on sometimes it doesn’t go on evenly because of various factors. Basically, you need more paint to get a thicker coverage… and you can only do that with another can and spraying in layers (otherwise you get gloppies and spots and no one wants those). I haven’t used a sprayer, but I think Natalie makes some great points about cleanup and diluting and coverage, etc.

  2. Hi Rachel. You know what my answer is going to be regarding the spray painter vs cans? I did a wicker couch , two seated, with about 4 cans of spray paint, total coverage. I have used a Wagner power painter once for a wicker chair but only because I already had it and I was using regular latex paint leftovers from other furniture in the room. I wanted everything to match. I am still a fan of the cans vs spray painter and think that with continued practice, with some frustration, will eventually lead to a love of spray paint in a can. A spray painter uses a lot more paint so I think it is good for a large project or when you want an exact color match as I did. Spraying with the regular latex through the painter was challenging in terms of diluting the paint enough to flow through the nozzle without clogging it and not compromising on the color. Clean up of the unit takes forever or so it seems. My opinion, buy the third can. When you look at the cost of a gallon of paint or even one liter at 20. Some odd dollars, that is 2.5 cans of spray paint and your one liter may not be enough for coverage. I am curious as to why you primed the chair first. I do think the chair looks really good. I like what you have done with it. :)

    1. Great review, thanks for sharing it! I am glad to have a friend with so much experience.

      I primed the chair because I think the previous owners had left it outside and there were some splotches on the wood that looked like water stains. I didn’t want the stains to bleed through.

      I think I should just buckle down, buy a third can and stop being so cheap.
      Sigh. It pains my Dutch sensibilities to admit it.

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