DIY “Driftwood” Painted Sign

This week I  have pictures of the basement reveal for you!

Today has been a bit crazy but I had time to edit the pictures and I am working on a big reveal post. Stayed tuned tomorrow!

I wanted to share with you a special DIY project I did for the basement. As I have mentioned already, the basement was redone mainly for the grandchildren as a play area for now and to grow into, and we went with a nautical theme. The basement has therefore been affectionately named, “Kid’s Cove.”

For my mother-in-law’s birthday, I wanted to do something related to the basement and so I hand painted her a sign for the basement.

The wood was a left over piece of notty pine tongue and groove planking that we used on the fireplace. I started by painting the piece with a dark blue and an apple green. I knew I was going to be sanding the piece to make it look aged so I didn’t worry that the colours were dark. I mushed these colours around until I liked the balance of green and blue across the plank.

After the dark paint had partially dried, I covered the entire piece with a light sky blue. Because the paint was still a bit tacky, the blues and greens blended together a little.

After both those coats had completely dried, I took a sander and sanded down the painted wood to blend the colours, reveal the colours beneith, and show some of the wood grain.

Once I had sanded, I felt that the colours were still too dark. I took about a tablespoon of white paint and mixed it with about a tablespoon of water. I brushed this mixture over the entire plank and then wiped it down with a piece of paper towel to mute the blues and give the piece a whitewashed, beachy feel.

Once the base colours were what I wanted them to be, I printed out the letters I was going to paint. I transfred them to the wood by using charcoal (a graphite pencil would work well too) and coloured on the back side of the letters. I then lay the paper with the charcoal on the back and traced the front side of the paper with the printed letter on it. The pressure of tracing transfered a dark outline onto the wood so that I could then paint in the letters.
The final step was to then to lightly sand for a final time so that some of the blues showed through the letters.

Have you had any luck hand painting letters onto a sign? what method did you use to transfer the letters?



4 thoughts on “DIY “Driftwood” Painted Sign

    1. Great timing! it is really easy. If you want a more detailed explanation of the steps let me know. I forgot to take pictures of the process…I get caught up in what I am doing. haha.

  1. I love this sign, Rachel! It pulls together the theme and the fun of the basement makeover perfectly. The carefully melded colours and the driftwood, weather-worn feel are perfect. Thank you for this labour of love that will be the signature of Kids Cove for years to come!

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